Summit Appliance FAQs

We have put together this FAQ page to help answer common questions and support requests that many new Summit Appliance customers have. If you need product documentation, such as manuals or installations guides, please visit the individual product pages and click on the “Downloadable Resources” tab. If you still have questions, please contact us and we will provide you with any additional documentation or support you need.

What is Covered by Summit's FREE One-Year Limited Warranty?

 Summit Appliances are manufactured to provide outstanding value, and your satisfaction is our goal on every product. All SUMMIT major appliances carry a one year limited guaranty on both parts and labor. All refrigerators and freezers carry an additional four years on the compressor. Certain exclusions may apply.

Certain models that are manufactured for Summit in the U.S. and carry the manufacturer’s warranty (also one year parts and on-site labor). For details on specific warranty issues, please refer to the warranty packed with the product, or call Summit’s service department at 718-893-3900. Your warranty rights are protected by mailing back the registration card packed with each refrigerator or freezer.

What if I Need Troubleshooting or Installation Support?

If you need troubleshooting or installation support, please first refer to the documents located in the “Downloadable Resources” section on the individual product page. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for please contact us and we will provide you with any additional documentation or support you need.

What Is Your Return Policy?

The Cooler Store will only authorize returns of Summit Appliances meeting the following requirements:

  • Merchandise must be in original unopened carton (Digital photographs may be requested to ensure packaging has not been opened. Opened packages will not be accepted).
  • Merchandise must be undamaged and in new condition upon return to Summit.
  • You are responsible for the cost to ship the unit back to Summit and a 25% restocking will be charged per item returned. (These costs will be deducted from your refunded purchase price)
  • No item may be returned after 30 days of original ship date from Summit.

If a Summit Appliance is damaged in any way in shipping, The Cooler Store will support getting the unit repaired or replaced immediately (Please see our Freight Damage Policy). For more information or to initiate a return, please contact

What if I Need Repairs or Replacement Parts for My Summit Appliance?

If you need repairs or replacement parts, please contact us and we will help you initiate those requests with the correct service personnel at Summit Appliance.

Do I Need To Pay Sales Tax?

The Cooler Store is a online business based on Colorado that ships products throughout North America. In accordance with Quill Corp. v. North Dakota, 504 U.S. 298 (1992) which states, “online retailers are not required to collect and pay sales tax for the states they ship their items to as long as their company does not have a “substantial nexus” with that state,” The Cooler Store does not charge or pay sales tax on any sales orders for the states that water coolers are shipped to except Colorado. As such, the recipient is advised to comply with all state and local laws regarding any requirements to pay sales tax on online purchases if they located outside of Colorado.

What If My Summit Appliance Causes Water Damage?

All Summit Appliances sold by The Cooler Store are built to very high-quality standards. However, due to the small potential for damage in shipping to your location or our inability to confirm if the units have been property set up, maintained and used properly, The Cooler Store is not liable in any way for any water related damage. Purchase of any Summit Appliance unit via, whether directly or indirectly, shifts all liability to the purchaser.