Water Cooler FAQs

We have put together this FAQ page to help answer common questions and support requests that many new Aquverse customers have. If you need product documentation, such as manuals or installations guides, please visit the individual product pages and click on the “Downloadable Resources” tab.

If you still have questions, please email us.

What is Covered by the FREE One-Year Warranty?

The free one-year replacement warranty that comes with all cooler purchases provides huge value as it goes way above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. Our 12-month warranty entitles you to a brand new (not repaired) cooler if your cooler malfunctions or stops working within the first year after purchase.

Why Should I Buy Instead Of Rent?

If you rent a water cooler for $40/month, it’ll cost you $480 a year! In your first year alone, you’d pay them MORE than what it would cost to OWN. Plus, all Aquverse water coolers are designed for easy installation, cleaning, and maintenance.

How Often Do I Need To Change My Filter?

Our POU water coolers come with an A100 Aquverse Filter (also known as the Everpure S45 filter). This is the highest quality filter Everpure offers and is the top of the line filter available on the market. Our filters have a 750 Gallon Capacity and will last on average 1 year if you consume 27 twelve-ounce glasses of water per day for a year.

I See Water Coolers Sell For Less In Other Places, What Makes These Units Better?

There are so many reasons that Aquverse water coolers consistently beat out competition. Some of the most important are the manufacturing quality, safety and leak guard features, easy maintenance and Energy Star® rated efficiency.

Do I Need To Pay Sales Tax?

The Cooler Store is an online business based on Colorado that ships water coolers throughout North America. In accordance with Quill Corp. v. North Dakota, 504 U.S. 298 (1992) which states, “online retailers are not required to collect and pay sales tax for the states they ship their items to as long as their company does not have a “substantial nexus” with that state,” The Cooler Store does not charge or pay sales tax on any sales orders for the states that water coolers are shipped to except Colorado. As such, the recipient is advised to comply with all state and local laws regarding any requirements to pay sales tax on online purchases if they are located outside of Colorado.

What Is Your Return Policy?

The Cooler Store will accept Aquverse returns for 30 days from arrival date of the water coolers. If a return is requested and there are no issues or problems with the water cooler other than the purchaser has changed his/her mind for any reason, than The Cooler Store will accept the return provided purchaser pays return shipping and 10% restocking fee (which will be deducted from the refund of your purchase price). If a water cooler is damaged in any way in shipping, The Cooler Store will support getting the unit repaired or replaced immediately. For more information or to initiate a return, please contact watercoolerinternational@gmail.com.

What If My Cooler Causes Water Damage?

All Aquverse water coolers sold by The Cooler Store are commercial-grade units that are built to a very high quality standard. However, due to the small potential for damage in shipping to your location or our inability to confirm if the units have been property set up, maintained and used properly, The Cooler Store is not liable in any way for any water related damage. Purchase of a water cooler via TheCoolerStore.com, whether directly or indirectly, shifts all liability to the purchaser.